How to Save on Car Insurance in Michigan

Michigan Auto Insurance rates

It’s no secret, car insurance in Michigan is very expensive. For the fifth year in a row, Michigan has ranked as the most expensive state for Car Insurance. In 2018, The average car insurance premium for Michigan residents is 64% higher than the national average premium. So far for 2019, our own research has shown that currently Michigan drivers are paying on average $1,300 for a one full coverage vehicle. This is $346 higher than the national average. The national average currently stands at $954 per year. With premiums so…

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Hartford to test a new form of car policy in 2012

Hartford Financial Services Group has announced its intentions to begin a pilot program in 2012 for an auto insurance policy based on telematics. Hartford’s president of consumer markets, Andy Napoli made the announcement during the company’s investors meeting. The new policy will be using telematics. According to Napoli, using the “devices in insured vehicles to transmit information about driving behavior, such as miles driven, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and using that information to price the risk.” This pilot program will be known as TrueLane and will begin in the first half…

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Gooding & Company adds its auto auction information to Chubb’s app for classic cars

The auto auction data from Gooding & Company is being added to the classic car app provided by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Chubb’s mobile app users will now have access to data for upcoming Gooding & Company auctions, for the pricing of the vehicles. This is the result of a recent sponsorship renewal between Chubb and Gooding. App users will also be able to see the results of past auction sales. This Classic Car Guide app will provide mobile device users with the ability to view real-time information…

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