Auto insurance lies are common among parents

Young Driver auto usage based Insurance

One in six are fudging the truth to help their kids to obtain coverage According to the results of new research thousands of parents are committing auto insurance fraud by pretending that they are the primary driver of a vehicle that is actually being used mainly by their student daughter or son. Up to one in every six young drivers are saving money on their coverage through dishonesty. The study was conducted by a website called It found that up to 16 percent of younger drivers are reducing the…

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Factors That Impact Car Insurance Premium Negatively and What You Can Do About It

Car Insurance rates

A number of things affect our auto insurance rates. Some work to our advantage and lead to discounts, whereas others get us deemed risky customers and lead to higher insurance premiums. There may not be much we can do about how old we are and where we live, but there are certain factors that impact our premiums negatively which we do have control over. Read on to find out what these factors are and what you can do to stop them from creating a bigger hole in your pocket. Your…

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Auto insurance prices in U.K. continue to drop

Auto Insurance Savings

According to the A.B.I., the average amount paid to cover a vehicle is still on its way downward. The cost associated with purchasing and owning auto insurance in the United Kingdom has dropped another 9 percent over the last year as a growing number of consumers are using the resources available to them over the internet to be able to comparison shop and find better rates. This, according to a survey which also credits fewer claims into the dropping premiums. The data was provided by the Association of British Insurers…

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Auto insurance requirements raised in Ohio

Ohio insurance auto premiums

Ohio drivers will have to up their insurance coverage in order to comply with state’s new standards Drivers in Ohio are set to see an increase in their auto insurance premiums as the state increases its minimum insurance requirements. The last time Ohio’s minimum insurance requirements were changed was in the 1960s and state officials suggest that the old requirements are no longer able to cover the costs associated with accidents. This belief is supported by many of the state’s insurers, most of who have been pushing for updated standards…

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Insurance group crash test failed by all subcompact cars but one

Auto insurance crash tests results

The Chevy Spark was the only vehicle of this size to receive a pass from its performance. A new safety standard that was added to the crash tests of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has shown itself to be a tough one to pass for economy cars in the latest round of testing, as ten out of the eleven participating models failed to pass. The new front end collisions standard test was passed only by the Chevrolet Spark. The insurance industry group’s test earned the Spark a grade…

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Mobile auto insurance honor handed to GEICO

Geico auto Insurance

An independent research firm has said that the insurer’s smartphone functionality tops the ranks. According to Forrester Research, when it comes to mobile auto insurance functionality, GEICO is leading the way in the industry and is providing the best overall customer experience. Considering the importance of smartphones and cell phones in our lives, this is an important statement. The November 2013 report has been released by Forrester Research to include their 2013 U.S. Mobile Insurance Functionality Rankings. They determined that when it came to the performance of mobile auto insurance…

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New York auto insurance rates vary widely throughout the state

New York Auto Insurance

A new report has been released to identify the five most expensive counties in which to purchase coverage. The release of a new report has now underscored the point for New York auto insurance customers that a driver’s zip code will make a considerable impact on the amount that will be paid in premiums. In fact, the county in which a motorist lives could nearly quadruple the cost of coverage. This state has the third greatest population in the U.S. Out of the total estimated population in the state, which…

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