A thermal blanket and seat belt cutter can be vital during winter storms

Woman And Car winter travel seat belt cutter safety low pressure

Drivers heading out during winter storms on workdays or holiday weekends, must prepare for the worst. If you look out the window and the sky looks blue and sunny, it’s easy to think that a drive will be a smooth one, but winter storms can come on suddenly, and tools including a seat belt cutter, a thermal blanket, and other emergency supplies can suddenly mean the difference between life and death. Nobody wants to think about the worst that could happen, but it’s still important to prepare for it. No…

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Could headlights be the secret to auto insurance savings?

auto insurance car headlights

The Insurance Institute has been looking into research regarding the beams that light the way for drivers. Automakers are continually looking for new ways to be able to earn better safety ratings so they can stand above the competition with their awards, and among the considerations they may make to help keep auto insurance rates down for drivers in the near future may be in the headlights they install. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it is coming up with a headlight rating program. Auto insurance companies and…

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Insurance news calls counterfeit air bags an “extreme safety risk”

Insurance news on counterfeit airbags

Thousands of drivers could be placing themselves and their passengers in danger. The Obama administration has been making insurance news in the auto industry with an announcement that the thousands of motorists that are currently on the roads in trucks and cars that have counterfeit airbags installed should take the step to replace them at their own expense. The reason is that these supposed safety devices can be very dangerous and replacing them could save lives. According to insurance news from officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),…

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Auto insurance research shows Volvo has made a significant difference to safety

proof of auto insurance

Since 2000, the number of injuries have been cut in half. According to the Volvo automaker, it has good news for individuals looking for vehicles that will bring about cheaper auto insurance policies, as it says that one of its new cars has reduced the odds of being injured by 50 percent when compared to its vehicles from 2000. The Swedish car manufacturer says that it has used experience and exhaustive research to produce these results. It explained that the knowledge that it has combined through these techniques over the…

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