Could headlights be the secret to auto insurance savings?

auto insurance car headlights

The Insurance Institute has been looking into research regarding the beams that light the way for drivers. Automakers are continually looking for new ways to be able to earn better safety ratings so they can stand above the competition with their awards, and among the considerations they may make to help keep auto insurance rates down for drivers in the near future may be in the headlights they install. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it is coming up with a headlight rating program. Auto insurance companies and…

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Good auto insurance news released for Honda Civic owners

auto insurance news vehicle safety crash test

The model has now become the first small car to be the recipient of the Top Safety Pick+ award. There has been good news released for drivers of Honda Civics, both from a safety and an affordability perspective, as it has now become the first small car that has received the designation of Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS also named five other vehicles to have the Top Safety Pick+ award. In order to receive the designation of being a Top Safety Pick+…

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Auto insurance safety scores lowest from Toyota

Toyota auto insurance safety test

The massive auto manufacturer was considerably outperformed on the new tougher safety tests. The Camry and the Prius V from Toyota Motor Corp. received the lowest ratings in a new auto insurance crash test simulation for severe front end collisions that included new and tougher elements. The Camry is currently the best selling mid-size vehicle in the United States, and the Prius V is a hybrid. These two vehicles from the manufacturer were the only ones out of all of the participants in the auto insurance safety test to have…

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