Michigan auto insurance push for no fault reform has returned

Michigan Auto Insurance News

The House Republicans in the state are trying again after having been unsuccessful last year. House Republicans are bringing their Michigan auto insurance reform push right back into the spotlight again, after having failed to obtain adequate support for the massive overhaul that they had proposed in 2013. The new goal is to eliminate the unlimited lifetime benefits that are currently available in the state. At the moment, Michigan auto insurance law makes it possible for individuals who are catastrophically injured in vehicle accidents to continue to receive benefits for…

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Auto insurance reform details unveiled for Michigan

Michigan Auto Insurance

The new plans for a no fault system have now been unveiled in the hopes of driving rates down. Drivers in Michigan have just received news regarding the reform package for the auto insurance system in the state, which is meant to lower the skyrocketing premiums that they are paying. At the same time, data was revealed regarding a $14 billion catastrophic accident claims fund. The bills for these auto insurance reforms are still drafts, but if they move ahead, they will change the structure of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims…

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Discount initiative for car insurance moves onward to November ballot

When voters in California head to the ballot in November, they will also face the issue of a discount initiative for auto insurance, called the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, which was over 99 percent funded by the chairman of Mercury Insurance. The initial sponsorship for the proposal was from the American Agents Alliance, a trade group. This initiative would allow motorists who change their insurers to obtain a discount if they have already had insurance on their vehicles. The proposal had received nearly 505,000 signatures (a random sample of…

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Governor Rick Scott addresses insurance fraud issue in Florida

Governor Rick Scott spoke in his state of the state address about the importance of reforms to Florida’s no fault auto insurance system, aimed to significantly reduce the fraud abuse which is currently rampant within it. According to Scott, the cost of fraud to the people in the state is an estimated $900 million. In his address, he said that “If we do not act, the Office of Insurance Regulation predicts that costs for consumers will continue to spiral out of control.” He also claimed that the premiums that are…

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North Carolina lawmakers to assess whether state’s auto insurance rate system needs to be improved

North Carolina legislators have begun examining the state’s rate-setting system and its effects on the auto insurance industry. Lawmakers have been assessing whether changes need to be made to the system since early 2011, when proposals for fixes to the system made their way to the state’s General Assembly. Some legislators claim that changes to the state’s auto insurance system need to be changed to be more consumer friendly, while others say that the current system is not effective in handling the risk of those with poor driving skills or…

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Northern Ireland auto insurance is more than meets that eye, bad news for motorists

Insurance companies in Northern Ireland have come under fire recently for the rising cost of auto insurance. The insurance companies behind the rising rates are staunch in their claims that higher premiums are the result of the increased number of personal injury claims coming in throughout Northern Ireland. While it is true that the number of personal injuries claims coming from the region is increasing, it is not because of people’s driving habits. According to the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), the real reason insurance rates are rising is because…

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