Auto insurance minimum requirements may rise in Illinois

Illinois Auto Insurance

The General Assembly is waiting for the governor to decide whether or not he will sign off on it. The last time that Illinois established a minimum mandatory auto insurance level for motorists was in 1989, at which time $20,000 was felt to be sufficient coverage for liability coverage. However, over the years, that amount has been able to cover a decreasing portion of medical bills for people injured in accidents. Nearly a quarter of a century later, the state is now passing legislation to increase the required liability auto…

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Auto insurance prices vary widely from one state to the next

Auto Insurance discounts

The states that have the most and least expensive premiums have been revealed by a recent study. It is no mystery that where a driver lives will have a notable influence over what he or she will pay for auto insurance coverage, but a recent study has now identified the states that have the most and least expensive coverage, and there is a vast difference between them. Even with a perfect driving record, location of residence can play a tremendous role in what is paid. For instance, in Louisiana, drivers…

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Auto insurance costs are rising, but Americans are happier with their coverage

Questionable tow and glass claims run rampant

J.D. Power and Associates have found that despite the price, satisfaction is high. The results of a new J.D. Power and Associates study have been released, showing that while Americans are paying more for their auto insurance policies, their satisfaction levels with the companies that are covering them have risen. This is good news for an industry that will be facing tremendous claims from Hurricane Sandy. These results were from the 2012 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. It has indicated that while out of…

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Why is rental car insurance important

Many people travel during the holiday season, and those travelers will also often be renting cars. During that experience, they will be offered the opportunity to purchase rental car insurance. However, many of those travelers don’t know whether or not rental car insurance is worth their money. While many consumers say that they never buy it, others feel that this is a rather shortsighted perspective. The fact is that car rental insurance is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time it is among the best ways to protect yourself when…

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Which states cost most for car insurance?

Though vehicles cost essentially the same from one state to the next, the same cannot be said for auto insurance policies. Some states have rates up to three times higher than others, even when insuring the same driver with the same vehicle for the same coverage. The following are the states with the highest price for car insurance. It is based on data from the Insurance Research Council. • Michigan is the state with the highest insurance rates in the country. For a 2011 model, the average yearly rate in…

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