Uber auto insurance bill makes its way through the Florida Senate

Florida Auto Insurance

A new plan has focused on app-based ride sharing transportation services. An auto insurance plan that concentrates on the coverage requirements for app-based ride sharing transportation services such as Lyft and Uber has now made its way through the Senate and has now stepped into the House in Florida. In the Senate, the ride share insurance bill, SB 1298 by Senator David Simmons, was passed by a vote of 28 to 12. The bill requires that these transportation network companies (TNC) that offer ride share programs, will need to obtain…

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Tips For Selecting The Most Suitable Auto Insurance

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An auto insurance check list… Auto insurance is your shield against an array of misfortunes that can potentially strike you when you take to the roads. The nature of protection spans from paying off the monetary damage claimed for injuring a person or causing damage to the property to getting reimbursed in the event of your vehicle sustaining damages. Many states have made it mandatory by law. While embarking on the venture to pick up the most robust auto insurance, the following tips will abundantly guide you in the right…

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