Auto insurance fraud spiking rates in New York

homeowners insurance fraud

Insurance fraud continues to complicate New York auto insurance Insurance fraud is a serious problem throughout the U.S., and one that continues to defy any measures that have been taken to mitigate it. In New York, the issue is beginning to cause significant financial strain for consumers, especially in regards to auto insurance. According to Brooklyn Executive Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ferguson, auto insurance fraud is causing the cost of this coverage to grow at an alarming rate. If measure are not taken quickly, auto insurance may soon become too…

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New York doctors suspected of fraud to the personal injury protection system face possible decertification

New York has launched a meticulous statewide initiative to shut down medical offices that have been fraudulently billing for medical services for car accident victims under the no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) system in the state, when those services are either entirely unnecessary or were never administered in the first place. Under the new regulations of this initiative, any doctors who have taken part in these unscrupulous efforts to defraud the PIP system in New York will be committing professional suicide. The regulations are being issued by the Department of…

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