Insurance news shows that China is a more challenging marketplace than anticipated

China Auto Insurance

The compulsory auto coverage has both advantages and drawbacks for insurers. The Chinese marketplace is a captive one, and though this would seem like it is positive insurance news, particularly for the insurers, themselves, it is coming with its struggles. Fitch Ratings has reported that this environment is leading to some surprising losses. Although the law in China requires all motorists to have a car policy, which should – in theory – dilute the risk that is associated with underwriting that coverage, the most recent insurance news numbers are showing…

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China State Council may discuss allowing foreign auto insurance companies into the country

Since 2009, China has been able to boast a profit in its auto insurance sector, as it experienced a tightening on the regulation of price controls that turned it around after years of losses within the insurance industry as a whole, as 70 percent of its profits were from that sector. Now, China’s State Council is thinking about taking things a step further, with the consideration of a plan that would permit some foreign insurers to sell their own liability policies for the first time within the country, increasing the…

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Auto insurance in China now includes Swiss Re and Munich Re

With the goal of growing their premiums, both Munich Re and Swiss Re Ltd. have announced that they are headed into China to assist local auto insurance companies in the writing of a greater amount of coverage within the largest auto market on the planet. The world’s second largest reinsurer, Swiss Re, has already stated that the premiums in China for the first two quarters have exceeded $1 billion, which is significantly higher than the $885 million that was seen by the same time last year. According to the Munich…

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