Auto insurance hybrid coverage coming soon to Uber and Lyft

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Drivers for ride sharing services will soon be able to buy an amendment to their current policies. Ride share service drivers from companies such as Uber and Lyft will soon be able to buy an amendment to their auto insurance coverage that will provide them with protection from the moment that they sign on and are waiting for a call to pick up a rider, which is a new California law requirement. This has allowed for the creation of a type of hybrid personal commercial insurance policy for those drivers.…

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Ride-share companies may have trouble with auto insurance gap

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Insurance gap could threaten the future of ride-share companies as they continue to juggle financial risks and liability issues Ride-share companies are becoming more popular and they are beginning to feel pressure to address the insurance gap problem they have. The insurance gap has the potential to threaten the future of ride-sharing and if companies cannot find an effective way to address the issue, they may find it difficult to continue operating in some states. The problem stems from the relative youth of the ride-share sector. Because ride-sharing is so…

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