Auto insurance in Montana could change if unisex rates end

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A panel is currently considering altering the way that driver premiums will be calculated. The House Business and Labor Committee has been presented with House Bill 600 by Rep. Wendy Warburtonwhich would stop rates for auto insurance and all other forms of coverage except health from excluding gender from the factors that are considered in premiums calculation. This would repeal a measure that was put into place back in 1985 within the state. This highly controversial auto insurance and industry issue has been challenged within the Montana Legislature nearly every…

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Auto insurance premiums on the rise for Irish female drivers

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Approximately 200,000 women motorists could face increases of €300. Up to 200,000 female drivers in Ireland have discovered that they could be paying annual auto insurance premiums that are €300 more than the current rates. In fact, these rate hikes have already been set into place by some insurers in the country. Auto insurance companies have already begun the premiums increases for women in anticipation of the new European Union regulations that ban gender discrimination that will officially be implemented in December 2012. The increases are anywhere from 10 percent…

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Car insurance: truth, lies, myths, and reality

When it comes to auto insurance, there is a lot of information available, but it’s hard for insurers and customers alike to know what to believe, what is a deception, and what is simply an urban myth. A recent study performed in the United Kingdom by eCar – an eInsurace Group serving more than 28,000 monthly insurance applications – found that women drivers are slightly more likely than men to alter the truth when they submit an auto insurance application. The study also showed that there has been an increase…

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