Auto insurance in Montana could change if unisex rates end

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A panel is currently considering altering the way that driver premiums will be calculated. The House Business and Labor Committee has been presented with House Bill 600 by Rep. Wendy Warburtonwhich would stop rates for auto insurance and all other forms of coverage except health from excluding gender from the factors that are considered in premiums calculation. This would repeal a measure that was put into place back in 1985 within the state. This highly controversial auto insurance and industry issue has been challenged within the Montana Legislature nearly every…

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How to buy cheaper auto insurance for men

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Male drivers pay an average of $15,000 more in a lifetime than women do Considering the higher cost of auto insurance for men when compared to women, many male drivers with good records are continually seeking to find ways to save on their coverage. The differences aren’t just based on gender, but age, location, and other factors, as well. Throughout the course of their driving lifetimes, men will pay an estimated $15,000 more for their coverage than their female counterparts, but many variables are still considered when calculating premiums. For…

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