Cheap Car Insurance With The Lowest Daily, Weekly Payments-No Deposit Or Credit Check Required

Online Car Insurance

PRESS RELEASE: The best way to secure a cheap auto insurance coverage for bad credit is to search no deposit car insurance companies that provide solutions without any credit check with daily, weekly or monthly payments. As there could be discounts offered on such packages, buyers also have the opportunity to get qualified for the lowest premium price rates. However, for finding the right type of company for your financial situation, it could be important for you to follow a systematic process. To that effect, you may use the specialist…

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Auto insurance can be cheaper for vehicles with low mileage

usage based insurance auto

Discounts are available for cars that aren’t driven very far every year. When buying auto insurance or renewing a policy for a vehicle that has low mileage, it is important to discuss this trait with the agent or company representative as discounts may be available. Many policyholders miss this opportunity for significant savings every month. It is important to note that not all auto insurance companies offer this opportunity. That said, many do have discounts for low mileage cars, so owners of these vehicles are being advised to speak with…

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Finding a good student discount for auto insurance

College Student Insurance

Car coverage premiums can be decreased with a strong academic performance. As the economy continues to struggle, Americans are looking to find new ways to make their money stretch further, and as a part of this, many parents are looking into a good student discount for the auto insurance coverage on their children who have a solid academic performance. Full time university, college, and high school students may qualify for this savings Most auto insurers will only apply it to scholars who are aged 25 or younger. The maximum amount…

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Discount initiative for car insurance moves onward to November ballot

When voters in California head to the ballot in November, they will also face the issue of a discount initiative for auto insurance, called the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, which was over 99 percent funded by the chairman of Mercury Insurance. The initial sponsorship for the proposal was from the American Agents Alliance, a trade group. This initiative would allow motorists who change their insurers to obtain a discount if they have already had insurance on their vehicles. The proposal had received nearly 505,000 signatures (a random sample of…

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Now is the time to prepare cars for safe winter driving for auto insurance savings

The winter driving season can be a dangerous one and the increased odds of an accident due to the driving conditions can negatively affect the premiums that are paid for car insurance. According to Tammy Ezer, “Proper preparation for winter weather and road conditions reduces the risk of an accident and may also earn you a better insurance rate,” so it therefore makes sense to put a little bit of time and money into those preparations in order to save a great deal more of it overall. There are…

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California auto insurance law is being challenged by Mercury General Corp

Mercury General Corp., one of California’s largest auto insurance providers, has taken a bold new step in confronting one of California’s most controversial auto insurance laws. Proposition 103, as it is known, was first passed in 1989, much to the chagrin of many insurance companies offering automobile policies. The law brought many changes to the industry, among which were new regulations regarding rates and limiting the power of insurers to deny claims. For the past decade, Mercury General has been campaigning to change the law. As California’s Legislative session nears…

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Youth and new drivers aren’t the only ones in driving school

With the intention of improving driving skills and lowering the cost of auto insurance, a increasing number of adult and senior Americans are enrolling in driving school. Though the traditional classes do continue to exist, it is the computer-based classes that are filling up the fastest. Instead of practicing in “student driver” labeled cars, adult and senior drivers are now able to take online classes that are typically between four and eight hours in total length. These classes are one of the quickest ways for seniors to brush up on…

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