Allstate CEO Tom Wilson says ridesharing will upend the auto insurance industry

Allstate CEO - car insurance

Ride hailing and car sharing programs have changed transportation and are now changing coverage. Allstate CEO Tom Wilson explained that the auto insurance industry should expect some substantial changes due to ridesharing companies. These services have altered the way that vehicles are used so that they are no longer defined by auto products. The interview was reported from CES 2019 by a Cheddar article. In it, the Allstate CEO underscored the change ride hailing and car sharing services have made to personal transportation. That said, traditional auto insurance products don’t…

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Many drivers in Colorado lack auto insurance

georgia auto insurance news

Lack of insurance coverage is becoming a problem that needs attention Auto insurance is a problem in Colorado. The number of uninsured drivers on the state’s roadways is growing every year and this is a significant issue when considering the frequency of vehicular accidents. It is likely that a single driver will be involved in as many as four accidents during their life. In most cases, auto insurance coverage will handle the issue relatively quickly. Accidents become significantly more complicated if the other party does not have insurance coverage. One…

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New regulations target auto insurance laws in North Carolina

north carolina auto insurance

Regulations could benefit drivers in North Carolina New regulations may have a major impact on drivers throughout North Carolina, if they are approved by the state’s lawmakers. These regulations would change the state’s auto insurance laws, which were created in 1957 and have seen little reform over the years. The regulations have managed to win strong support from the state’s insurance companies, many of whom are eager to see changes to insurance laws in order to better manage modern trends and risks in the state’s market. Insurers show support for…

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Report highlights growth of auto insurance rates in the US

California Auto Insurance

Auto insurance rates have been on the rise for the past 25 years The Consumer Federation of America has released a new study highlighting auto insurance rates throughout the U.S. According to the study, auto insurance rates have been on the rise for the past 25 years. The only state that has shown any significant average decrease in these rates has been California. As auto insurance rates continue to rise throughout the country, coverage may be getting too expensive for some drivers to afford. This could lead to many people…

Read More Shows Strategies To Decrease Average Auto Insurance Costs

Car Insurance Calculator

“The most fascinating thing about car insurance seems to be their costs” explains Steve, project manager at “So we compiled a new guide, containing the average car insurance costs per state and age in the US and added a good deal of practical measures to improve the insurance score”. Average data has a limited relevance as premium prices are heavily dependent on a complex combination of both individual and less individual characteristics. Among the individual factors are driving records and history, credit scores, marital status and others. Less individual…

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Auto insurance survey sheds light on distracted driving

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New Jersey auto insurance influenced by distracted drivers Plymouth Rock Assurance, an auto insurance organization based in New Jersey, has released the results of a new survey concerning distracted driving. The survey suggests that texting while driving remains a significant problem in New Jersey.  Though not implied by the survey, this problem could be contributing to the rising costs of auto insurance. Distractions are taken very seriously by the auto insurance sector, and any distraction could be justifiable cause to raise premiums due to the inherent risks they represent. Many…

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Auto insurance frustration spawns new legislation in Connecticut

connecticut auto insurance

Lawmakers continue to grow frustrated over lack of compliance with auto insurance laws Connecticut lawmakers have been expressing frustration when it comes to the state’s ban on talking and texting on mobile devices while driving. The law is meant to cut down on activities that could distract drivers and cause accidents, but many drivers have chosen to ignore the law entirely. This has caused lawmakers to consider a more aggressive approach on the matter by highlighting the financial aspects of car accidents. Legislators believe that the prospect of higher auto…

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