Auto insurance discounts are missed by 84 percent of US drivers

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A recent study has shown that only 16 percent of American motorists actually take advantage of all savings opportunities. A new report was recently released by and has shown that a large majority of consumers in the United States are not taking advantage of all of the potential auto insurance discounts for which they might qualify with their providers. The report showed that only 16 percent of drivers had actually asked their insurance company about discounts. Among the types of auto insurance discount that are common are marriage, low…

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Auto insurance rates could be dropping in Michigan

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Auto insurance coverage is expected to become less expensive in Michigan due to new measure Changes being made to Michigan’s auto insurance laws could mean lower premiums for consumers and lower costs for insurers. The state’s House Insurance Committee has approved a measure that would make changes to existing insurance legislation, which could bring down premiums by $100 every year for the next two years. The measure would also prevent health care providers from overcharging insurers when they treat victims of auto accidents. Health insurers will also not be able…

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Ontario auto insurance customers may have overpaid by billions

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The results of a new study have shown that drivers in the Canadian province may have been charged far too much. A new study conducted by the Schulich School of Business on behalf of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association has revealed that drivers in Ontario, Canada, may have been paying billions of dollars too much for their auto insurance coverage. The research showed that from 2001 to 2013, drivers across the province paid between $3 and $4 billion too much. The study has pointed to the profit benchmark that was…

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Auto insurance Uber tattling plan begins by Portland taxi drivers

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The ride share service has been continue to operate illegally in the city and cabbies are working to stop them. The popular Uber ride share service has now been operating illegally for a couple of weeks in Portland and local cabbies are starting to help the police in the city to be able to take the service’s drivers off the roads by ratting them out to their auto insurance companies. It started on Friday when a tweet was made on the Radio Cab Twitter account encouraging cabbies to rat out…

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Insurance news in Canada shows criticism of insurer influence

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The IBC has responded by rejecting any accusations of having a “steering” policy. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has found itself in the insurance news spotlight, as it faces criticism suggesting that insurers are steering their policyholders toward certain specific body shops in order to be able to have their vehicles repaired following a collision. Those accusations are being outright dismissed by the IBC, saying that they are untrue. The IBC’s vice president, Atlantic, Amanda Dean released an insurance news statement that said that insurers do not have “steering”…

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Auto insurance in cities could change with car ban

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The industry is now starting to consider the impact of future legislation with the intent of going green. When it comes to the majority of cities, traffic jams – particularly at rush hours – are generally accepted as a part of the urban experience, but this could change dramatically, as could the state of auto insurance, if a number of cities around the world that are considering a future ban on automobiles within those areas actually go through with the concept. Even some of the countries that are most associated…

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Auto insurance cost drops following crackdown on fraud

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The price associated with covering a car has rapidly fallen since the new efforts went into effect. In the United Kingdom, the cost of auto insurance is dropping rapidly following a fraud and claim management company crackdown that has been very effective in shrinking the problem. According to recent data, the average annual comprehensive coverage quote has plummeted. The AA, over the past year, there has been a reduction in the size of comprehensive auto insurance quotes by approximately 10 percent. This is the largest decrease that has been recorded…

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