Joplin tornado could cost insurers as much as $2 billion, say regulators

Several months have passed since a devastating tornado struck the city of Joplin, Missouri. The tornado was classified as an F-5, the highest classification of tornado, causing an unprecedented level of damage to the small city. The natural disaster struck a heavy blow against the insurance industry which has, to date, paid out more than $1 billion in claims. This number, however, is expected to double by the time insurers settle all outstanding claims, according to the Missouri Insurance Department. The Joplin tornado was one of the worst natural disasters…

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Missouri Department of Insurance says Joplin disaster will be the most costly insurance payout in state history

Joplin Tornado

In late May, a small town in Missouri known as Joplin was ravaged by a powerful tornado. The damage caused to the town left many without homes or work and proved to be the most costly disaster in the state’s history. Federal agencies, insurance companies and emergency services rallied together to help those in need and steer the city toward recovery, but the road is long and the costs of recovery continue to mount. Officials with the Missouri Department of Insurance now say that the disaster is responsible for the…

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Joplin tornado auto claims reach an estimated 18,000 so far

The devastating tornado that recently hit Joplin, Missouri not only destroyed hundreds of homes, but also took thousands of vehicles leaving residents in destitute. Springfield News-Leader reported that as of the 1st day of June, insurance claims for lost vehicles in Joplin have reached 9,000. This is indeed an enormous figure showing the devastation left by the tornado that recently wrecked havoc in this part of Missouri.  The number of victims trying to cope with the devastation brought by the tornado is increasing day by day in terms of transportation.…

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