What To Do After A Car Accident

what to do car accident

There are approximately six million car accidents in the US every single year, leading to thousands of deaths and countless injuries, both physical and mental. Lives can be ended and altered in the blink of an eye, and even if you’re a safe and sensible driver, the risks of auto accidents are still very real, every time you take to the road. This is why auto insurance matters so much, and also why it’s absolutely essential for every driver to know exactly what to do and how to respond if…

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Teen auto deaths spike during summer months

Teen Auto Car Crash

Distracted driving practices attributed to a spike in summer deaths of teenage drivers in 2010, a study by Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports. According to the study, approximately 45 people between the ages of 15 and 20 died each weekend from June through September in the year 2010. Such young deaths are “sobering” according to Sandy Spavone, the executive director with the National Organizations for Youth Safety. The main reason they hit so hard is because these deaths could so easily be avoided. Spavone feels these deaths are completely avoidable…

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Auto insurance accident claims skyrocket in Texas during the Christmas season

The Accident Forgiveness Showdown - Who Has It and Who Doesn't

A new report has revealed that the number of crashes increases by 20 percent during the holidays. Allstate has just released a review of its auto insurance claims data, which has revealed that in the state of Texas, there are more car crashes than at any other time of the year. This statement was based on data from the five years ranging from 2006 through 2010. What the analysis determined was that the number of auto insurance accident claims rises the most on December 24, increasing by 22 percent when…

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Auto insurance is lacking among a growing number of Ohio drivers

auto insurance

Over the last 10 years, the number of uninsured motorists caught has risen by over 409,000. Since 2002, the number of drivers without auto insurance that have been caught without coverage has increased from 690,716 to 1.1 million. Many are concerned that this is driving rates unnecessarily skyward. It is the motorists who are following the state law and who have been maintaining their auto insurance coverage who are now paying for the ever increasing number of uninsured drivers using Ohio’s roads. Despite the fact that they may not be…

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Auto insurance research shows Volvo has made a significant difference to safety

proof of auto insurance

Since 2000, the number of injuries have been cut in half. According to the Volvo automaker, it has good news for individuals looking for vehicles that will bring about cheaper auto insurance policies, as it says that one of its new cars has reduced the odds of being injured by 50 percent when compared to its vehicles from 2000. The Swedish car manufacturer says that it has used experience and exhaustive research to produce these results. It explained that the knowledge that it has combined through these techniques over the…

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Negligent parking makes insurance news as innocent drivers pay the price

A recent study is making insurance news as it indicates that the cost of collisions has now added £1.3 million worth of damage to cars – A cost which must eventually be paid through the premiums of policyholders. Moreover, the study showed that only 1 in every 6 drivers said that they would leave their insurance information for the damaged car owner, and among them, 45 percent said that they would do so only if it looked like the damage was serious. Most of the careless parking incidents appeared to…

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Super Bowl party hosts should review their insurance ahead of the game

Though many hosts of Super Bowl parties think that the main thing they need to remember is to have enough to eat and drink, there is one thing that they may be forgetting, which is to review their insurance so that they know who is responsible should their guests drink and drive. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) as the host of a party, it is not only considered to be appropriate and thoughtful to guests to make sure that guests who will be drinking can either stay over…

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