Teen auto deaths spike during summer months

Teen Auto Car Crash

Distracted driving practices attributed to a spike in summer deaths of teenage drivers in 2010, a study by Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports. According to the study, approximately 45 people between the ages of 15 and 20 died each weekend from June through September in the year 2010. Such young deaths are “sobering” according to Sandy Spavone, the executive director with the National Organizations for Youth Safety. The main reason they hit so hard is because these deaths could so easily be avoided. Spavone feels these deaths are completely avoidable…

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New Jersey insurance regulators prepare to tackle a loophole in the state’s insurance system

New Jersey insurance companies have filed a complaint against a North Jersey hospital that is billing them excessively for medical procedures that are not inherently expensive. According to insurers, the claims coming from the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, are 3,000% higher than the claims coming from other, similar medical centers. Governor Chris Christie is expected to take up the issue and target the medical center as part of his campaign against rising insurance prices. The problem seems to stem from auto accidents. The Meadowlands Hospital Medical…

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Autonomous Toyota Prius causes minor crash in California, insurers unsure how to react

Google has been developing an autonomous vehicle that can, allegedly, travel without human interaction. The big-name technology company has kept quiet about the vehicle, releasing only choice bits of information throughout the years. What little is known about the vehicle is that it is a Toyota Prius and has apparently traveled more than hundreds of thousands of miles, according to Google representatives. Google has been so bold as to say that the vehicle could never be in a crash, a notion that was proven false last month. Google’s autonomous car…

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