Health insurance provider hit with major fine in Missouri

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Aetna faces $4.5 million fine for violating insurance laws in Missouri Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has announced that health insurance provider Aetna will be paying $4.5 million in fees for violating state law. One of these violations has to do with Aetna covering elective abortions even though some policies did not allow for such coverage. This represents the single largest insurance penalty imposed against a company in Missouri’s history. Notably, the health insurance company is holding itself accountable for any violations of state law, also acknowledging that it had violated…

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Georgia governor likely to sign autism insurance bill

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Before April is through, it is expected that Nathan Deal will be adding his signature to the legislation. Senate Bill 1, an autism insurance bill, is among the hundreds of bills that are currently sitting on the desk of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, and is among those that are expected to be signed before the end of the month. In this case, the insurance legislation will be called Ava’s Law, should it be passed, named after Ava Bullard. If it does become a part of the autism insurance law in…

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Autism insurance proposal in Kansas looks familiar

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The strategy would mandate the coverage of the condition in a way that is similar to Utah and Georgia. Treatment for children, teens, and adults who are on the spectrum can be exceptionally expensive, and states are increasingly working to ensure that autism insurance will provide coverage for families who are affected by this condition. Without coverage, the treatments can be cost prohibitive, as they can range from $40,000 to $60,000 per year. Traditionally, insurers have been reluctant to offer autism insurance, as they have stated that the issue is…

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