Autism insurance mandate in California boosts coverage

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Regulation expands protection for behavior based treatments Last week, a panel of experts on ASD treatment and advocacy gathered in order to assist families in California with understanding the way the new autism insurance mandates have broadened coverage for treatment of adults who have the condition with behavior based methods. The event was held in the Haas Conference Center in Los Angeles and attendance was free. As of July 1, 2012, thousands of Californian adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) became eligible for autism insurance coverage through their health policies…

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Alaska lawmakers pass autism health insurance bill for children

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Health insurance news update for Alaska The Alaska Legislature has passed a new bill that aims to expand the health insurance coverage for children to include treatment for autism. The bill, SB 74, was passed in the House on Sunday with a vote of 36-6. The legislation is designed to provide children who suffer from autism insurance coverage for treatments regarding their specific case. These treatments can include a wide range of speech and physical therapies. Alaska is not the first state to begin adopting such a law – 34…

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