Autism insurance coverage likely to be supported in Utah bill

Autism Insurance Coverage - Boy with heart

Senate Bill 95 aims to require certain plans in the state to provide coverage for behavioral treatments. Senator Curt Bramble (R-Provo) proposed SB95 last week with the intention of making autism insurance coverage mandatory on certain health benefit plans. The coverage would not be required for all health plans and would only pay for certain treatments. The autism insurance coverage proposed in the bill is for behavioral treatment for people on spectrum. It would involve covering these treatments regardless of which autism spectrum disorder they have, what their age is,…

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Health insurance premiums rise for Missouri autism services

Health Autism Insurance Coverage

A newly released report has shown that the cost of coverage for treatment in the state is increasing. A report has just been released that has revealed that the payments being made for health insurance that covers treatments that are related to autism spectrum disorders have been sharply rising over the last year in Missouri. In fact, the data in the report indicated that the coverage costs rose by over half in 2012. This data indicated that health insurance that would cover treatments for autism saw a spike in its…

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