Health insurance premiums are on the rise in Australia

Australia health Insurance

Large insurers are raising rates by a significant margin Several of Australia’s largest health insurance providers, including Medibank Private Limited and NIB, will be increasing premiums in the coming days. These insurers have been raising premiums annually for the past few years, which has placed many consumers under greater financial pressure. Some of the country’s insurers have also been accused of offering “junk” policies, which offer consumers very limited coverage. With higher premiums and the abundance of these junk policies, many consumers may opt to go without health insurance coverage…

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Australian companies accused of selling “junk” health insurance policies

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Consumer advocacy group Choice calls out private insurance providers in Australia Three of Australia’s largest private health insurance companies have been named by Choice, a consumer advocacy group, for offering what it calls “junk” policies. According to Choice, these policies are expensive, but provide relatively little benefits when compared to what can be obtained through Australia’s Medicare system. Policies obtained through this system are less expensive and may be a better option for consumers that need insurance coverage. Junk policies provide less than 1% coverage for several medical services Among…

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Understanding 485 health insurance requirements for overseas students in Australia

Understanding 485 health insurance requirements

Australia is becoming a very attractive place for skilled individuals to work. This is especially true for students from other countries that have come to Australia to study. Skilled workers are in high demand and students tend to have an advantage over others because of the opportunities available to them in terms of employment programs and special visa options. The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) is an example of the options that students have available to them. 485 visa holders are able to temporarily work in Australia with unlimited rights…

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State of Your Health Insurance While Traveling

Travel Health Insurance

You’re soon to be off on an exciting trip out of the country. Your plans are made, your flight is booked, your passport is current, and now all you can do is count down to the day of your flight. Before you pack your bags and board you plane, you should make sure that your insurance will cover any unforeseen medical expenses while traveling. Whether you are an American or an Australian citizen, health insurance agents from insurance companies like GMF Health in Australia can help you determine if you…

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Best Healthcare System Examples From Around The World

Health Insurance

The World Health Organization evaluates international health care systems based on five criteria. Factors include the health of the overall population, care inequalities within the population and the responsiveness of the health system. The WHO additionally assesses heath care provided to the various economic levels of a population along with who covers the cost of the health system. The following countries offer some of the best health care on the planet. Switzerland The health care system of the country represents the Bismarck Model, named for its founder, Prussian Chancellor Otto…

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