New active cyber insurance launched by Coalition in Australia

Cyber Insurance - Australian Flag

Allianz Australia is providing the capacity for this new business solution for digital protection. Coalition, a company that defines itself as the first provider of Active Insurance in the world, has announced the launch of its new cyber insurance solutions in Australia. The solutions are composed of a suite of digital risk products that complement its prevention services. The cyber insurance product is more than simply a transfer of risk. It is differentiating itself by working with organizations so that they will better understand their own risk profiles. This will…

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Cyber insurance increasingly important in Australia

Insurance Industry - Bank Heist

Businesses are experiencing a growing number of targeted attacks within that country. A newly released government report in Australia has shown that there is a rapid rise in the number of data breaches among organizations in the country, which suggests that there may be a growing need for cyber insurance. Over one fifth of companies that the government surveyed stated that they had been targeted last year. There were 255 companies that participated in the government survey, and one in every five said that within the last year, they had…

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