Force placed insurance lawsuit causes Citi to pay $110 million

Force placed insurance

Citigroup Inc. has agreed to pay the money to thousands of homeowners who had been overcharged. According to recent news, Citigroup Inc. has now agreed to a payout of $110 million to thousands of homeowners who had force placed insurance applied to them when the allowed their own coverage to lapse or they stopped making payments. The forcibly charged property coverage came with highly expensive premiums, said a court filing. This trend of force placed insurance lawsuits has been spreading across the United States, as many American insurers and banks…

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Force-placed coverage causes probe of New York insurance companies

A closer look into forced placed insurance practices The state insurance regulator in New York is currently performing an investigation as to whether or not the rates for force-placed insurance that are being charged by companies should be deemed excessive, and is requesting data from insurers such as Assurant Inc. The New York Department of Financial Services released a statement that said that it is trying to obtain basis for “consistently high profits” that are occurring at the investors’ and homeowners’ expense. It is also requiring that insurers such as…

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