Health insurance exchange in Arkansas draws attention of 4 insurers

Health Insurance rates and care

Four companies have now expressed their interest in selling policies over the state’s online marketplace. The Arkansas Insurance Department has announced that there are now four health insurance companies that intend to be able to sell their policies over the state’s exchange, which is expected to serve over 500,000 residents. The department said that the insurers submitted their letters by the deadline, which was last Monday. The department explained that the health insurance companies each met the deadline in order to indicate their interest in participating in the Arkansas exchange,…

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Arkansas Insurance Commissioner seeks financial aid for insurance exchange while facing down opposition from lawmakers

Arkansas’ Insurance Commissioner is attempting to rally support from state lawmakers to help establish a health insurance exchange. Commissioner Jay Bradford is urging legislators to back a grant application that, if approved, would bring $3.8 million in federal funding to the state. Arkansas lawmakers have been leery of the federally mandated insurance exchanges due to their association with the controversial Affordable Care Act, which the state opposes. Governor Mike Beebe has said that he will not seek out federal funding unless the state’s Legislature shows support for an exchange. The…

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