Arkansas places moratorium on tornado insurance policies to protect homeowners

Tornado insurance policies - Tornado - Storm

The 60-day moratorium stops insurers from being able to cancel coverage to residents affected by Saturday’s twister. The Arkansas Insurance Department has issued a 60-day moratorium on the cancellation of tornado insurance policies. This move was made following the Jonesboro tornado that ripped through homes, a mall and other buildings. This is meant to stop insurers from cancelling coverage of affected Craighead County residents. Residents affected by the Jonesboro twister cannot have their tornado insurance policies cancelled due to non-payment for another 60 days. That said, it is only affected…

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Arkansas Insurance Department cautions drivers against car policy scam

Arkansas Insurance Department - car - hand - insurance scam

Commissioner Allen Kerr has issued a warning to consumers in the state due to fraudulent policy sales. The Arkansas Insurance Department recently issued a warning to drivers to take care when purchasing an auto insurance policy. There has been a broad rash of fraudulent car insurance policy sales in the state. The fake car insurance is being sold by people posing as agents and are primarily selling at dealerships. According to the Arkansas Insurance Department warning, the fraudulent auto insurance policies are being sold mainly at car dealerships. People pretending…

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Health insurance prices are falling in Arkansas

Health Insurance rates and care

Policies sold through state’s insurance exchange may be less expensive next year Health insurance premiums for policies sold through state-based exchanges are expected to rise in many parts of the U.S. next year. New regulations and insurers adapting to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are part of the reason behind growing premiums. In Arkansas, insurance premiums for policies sold through the Arkansas Healthcare Insurance Marketplace are not expected to rise. Coverage sold through the exchange next year is likely to have lower premiums than policies that went into…

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Arkansas Insurance Commissioner issues moratorium due to storms

In light of the recent occurrences of severe and destructive weather, the Insurance Commissioner of Arkansas, Jay Bradford, has announced a moratorium for policyholders residing in the most affected areas of the disaster. The Arkansas Insurance Department issued a bulletin to the states insurers informing them of the 60-day moratorium. The initiative will target those who have not paid their latest round of premiums. The Department is urging residents to contact their insurance providers to see if they qualify for the moratorium. Bradford hopes that the move will help ease…

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