Arizona State career development program gets a boost from State Farm donation

State Farm Donation - Arizona State University (ASU)

ASU received $30 million from the insurer for its “Pathways for the Future” program. Arizona State University (A.S.U.) has received a substantial $30 million State Farm donation directed right into the new “Pathways for the Future” career development program. The university’s new program offers students with financial aid when they enroll in online courses. Students from A.S.U. and Maricopa County Community College can use the program to receive financial aid when they register for online courses at the university. Other students who can benefit from the State Farm donation to…

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Organizers of American running of the bulls are heavy on thrill seekers but light on liability insurance

An American version of the running of the bulls, which was modeled after the famous Pamplona, Spain tradition, is expected to draw hundreds of participants, while also bringing about millions of dollars in insurance protection. Though each of the runners taking part in the quarter-mile run from dozens of rodeo bulls weighing approximately 1,500 pounds each, will be required to sign a solid and exceptionally comprehensive liability waiver, there have been several additional insurance policies taken out to protect the organizers from any form of liability that they can imagine.…

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