Mercury Arizona home insurance adding new coverage and discounts

Arizona home insurance

The added protection will include eco-friendly advantages and discounts will help reduce premiums. Mercury has announced that it is adding to its Arizona home insurance coverage and discounts available to policyholders. There will be five new coverages available to homeowners and three new types of discounts. Arizona home insurance consumers will be able to access these new coverages and discounts. New coverage provides additional protection with an option for replacement products that are environmentally friendly. The discounts are for homeowners who are already taking steps to be environmentally friendly who…

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Flood insurance isn’t protecting most homeowners in Arizona

flood insurance program

The majority of property owners in the state do not have this coverage, but some are starting to change their minds. The majority of homeowners across Arizona have been learning an important lesson about flood insurance over the last few weeks as they discover that this protection is not included as a part of the standard home policy. After the recent downpours, it is still likely that most Arizonans won’t buy the coverage, but some will. Many homeowners are hopeful – and quite expect – that if something should happen,…

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Will homeowner’s insurance rates hit a new record in 2012?

According to recent reports, the weather related claims throughout the world have taken a toll on the insurance companies billions of dollars in 2011. Massachusetts experienced its new set of destructive weather phenomenon. People all over the United States have been subject to a number of storms that resulted in ice dams on their homes and traffic accidents on roads. Not only storms, tornadoes too, ripped through various states along hurricane Irene that blew in late August causing widespread damage to the flood prone areas. Homeowners not only require calculating a mortgage loan amount through…

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Finding the best homeowners’ insurance rates for 2012 coverage

Following a year of record breaking disasters, many homeowners are wondering how they can find lower and more affordable rates for their insurance policies. Even those with experience in shopping around for the best price for a policy are discovering that the process is becoming much more complex. Many insurance companies have now implemented a number of different types of exemptions for various forms of damage from storms and other natural events. Some are also assigning lower values to a home’s replacement cost. According to the Consumer Federation of America’s…

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Nationwide average for homeowners’ insurance premiums increased in all but two states

According to the most recent RateReport, which shows the average premiums across all of the states in the country over a 12 month period (as of September), all but two states experienced an increase in homeowners’ insurance premiums. The two states that saw a decrease in premiums were Washington D.C. and Vermont. All of the other states in the country saw their average homeowners’ premiums increase from 0.1 percent to 5.8 percent more than what policyholders had been paying during the year beforehand. The average premiums that were used…

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