New Arizona health insurance law permits religious employers to cut birth control coverage

Governor Jan Brewer Arizona Insurance News

Critics are calling this change in medical plans an attack on women. On Friday, May 11, 2012, Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill that reduced the Arizona health insurance rules for the coverage of contraception, in a move that has caused a tremendous amount of controversy in the state. Those supporting the bill are calling it a religious freedom in the state. The new measure states that employers that are formally identified as a religious organization will be permitted to eliminate the coverage of contraception that is used for the…

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Federal government to review Arizona’s insurance industry after the state fails to meet new standards

Arizona is not capable of moderating health insurance rate increases according to the state’s own law and those of the federal government. New federal standards accompanying the overarching health care reform dictate that states must be able to adequately review the rate increase process or default such authority to the federal government. Arizona’s current law dictates that insurers must submit paperwork regarding rate increases, but nothing more is required thereafter. Because Arizona does not meet federal requirements in this regard, federal regulators will be coming to the state to take…

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