Health insurance companies have been affected by severe data breach

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan may have been caught up in the data breach at Anthem The cyber attack against health insurance provider Anthem continues to send ripples throughout the United States. In January of this year, Anthem was the victim of a major data breach, which compromised the personal information of more than a million of the company’s clients. In Michigan, the cyber attack against Anthem seems to have involved another health insurance company, as well. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has reported that there is a…

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300,000 Minnesotans affected by data breach targeted health insurance provider

Minnesota Health Insurance

Vital information has been stolen from Anthem, which could affect consumers in a major way Approximately 300,000 residents of Minnesota have been affected by a massive data breach that struck major health insurance company Anthem, according to the state’s Commerce Department. Anthem has reported that the Social Security numbers of more than 200,000 consumers have been compromised, which could lead to identity theft and other issues. The health insurance company reported the data breach earlier this year, which compromised the information of many of its clients. The insurer has been…

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Identity theft insurance recommended for some Anthem customers

Identity Theft insurance

After the huge cyber attack that caused a data breach at the insurer, agents are recommending protection. At the end of last week, Anthem revealed that it had experienced a massive cyber attack in which up to 80 million customers may have had their sensitive information compromised, and now agents are recommending that identity theft insurance be purchased in order to protect against the type of damage that those cyber criminals could potentially inflict. The customers whose data was exposed in the hack could have their ID stolen, which could…

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Health insurance company Anthem has been hacked

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Anthem reports a major data breach at one of its databases storing consumer information Health insurance giant Anthem has announced that it has fallen victim to a major data breach. Last week, hackers managed to break into a database that stored a wealth of consumer information. Among this information were names, birthdays, addresses, and Social Security numbers of Anthem clients. According to the health insurance company, “tens of millions” of private records were taken from the database. Anthem claims that no medical or credit card information was stolen in the…

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Anthem insurance company suffers massive security breach

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The second largest health insurer in the U.S. is scrambling to deal with the exposure of data for 80 million customers. Up to 80 million customers – including the CEO – of the Anthem insurance company have had their private data stolen as the insurer has said in a statement that it was the victim of a tremendous security breach. The president and CEO announced that “Anthem was the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack.” Joseph Swedish, the CEO and President of the insurance company, posted a statement…

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