Nationwide announces new bird and exotic pet insurance product

Exotic pet insurance - Macaw Parrot

Americans keep many animals other than dogs and cats in their homes and want coverage for them. Nationwide recently announced the launch of a new type of bird and exotic pet insurance plan. It acknowledges that there are many other types of animal friends in American homes than dogs and cats. The coverage is designed to protect legal pets that may require veterinary care in their lifetimes. Current estimates show that about 15 percent of American pet owners have an exotic animal or a bird. These can include anything from…

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Pets Best Insurance holds contest to bring awareness to National Pet Health Insurance Month

It is National Pet Health Insurance Month in the United States and in order to recognize it and bring awareness to it, Pets Best Insurance is holding a “Freaky Friday” contest which will honor the pet emergency or pet accident stories that are the “freakiest”. Pets Best Insurance was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens, an expert in the industry and the founder of American pet health insurance. A winner will be selected for every week throughout the month and will receives a gift certificate worth $50 of product from the…

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