Michigan is home to the nation’s fourth worst insurance market, according to report

A recently released report from the American Medical Association casts some doubt on the insurance market in Michigan. The report shows that the state has the fourth least-competitive health insurance market in the U.S. The findings are the result of rigorous studies done throughout the country to find how many companies are actually participating in the various markets. The lackluster status of Michigan’s market may be due to the fact that Blue Cross Blue Shield encompasses the majority of the market. According to the report, the large insurance corporation controls…

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American Medical Association gives the health insurance industry a poor grade in new report

The American Medical Association has announced disturbing finding regarding the nation’s health insurance companies. The AMA has released their latest National Health Insurer Report Card, which is a report that informs both the public and the health care industry about the accuracy insurance claims processing. Last year, the report found that nearly one in five of claims received by insurers had been processed incorrectly. The AMA had hoped that their report would spur health insurer to make changes to how they process claims. The latest report, however, shows that little…

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Big Insurer, Big Information!

Healthcare Data Driven Industry

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association will transform their healthcare data analysis service Later this year, big insurer Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association will transform their healthcare data analysis service into its own business. Founded only 4 years ago, Blue Health Intelligence reviews millions of claims and details how healthcare is being put to use by policyholders. Claiming its database surpasses that of the government, Blue Health Intelligence uses its analysis to determine trends and offer insights to quality of coverage – a service that is quite cost effective.…

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