Health insurance trends show many covered Americans still aren’t seeking care

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Millions of people are skipping medical care despite the fact that they have a policy. A survey commissioned by the American College of Emergency Physicians provided notable insight into health insurance trends. Unfortunately, it has revealed that many people who have a health plan are skipping medical care. They are showing increasing discontent with the expense and quality of their health plans. Almost a third of survey participants felt their health insurance coverage had declined over the past year. Only 15 percent of the participants in the health insurance trends…

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Health insurance policies are confusing patients, say emergency physicians

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A recent American College of Emergency Physicians report said decisions are made based on misunderstandings. A new report issued by the American College of Emergency Physicians has revealed that the vast majority of patients don’t understand their health insurance policies and it is causing them to make choices based on the wrong information. The report said that a survey of ER physicians showed that 90 percent of their patients don’t understand their coverage. The concern these physicians expressed was over the fact that some insurers sell some highly affordable health…

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Consumers with health insurance are still avoiding medical care

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Survey finds that consumers are turning to emergency rooms in order to avoid high health care costs Health insurance premiums are on the rise in the United States and many consumers are beginning to avoid medical care as a result. A new survey from the American College of Emergency Physicians has found that patients are avoiding medical services because of high health care costs. As a result, more of these people are ending up in the emergency room because they are ignoring serious conditions that may be putting their lives…

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Poll shows health insurance industry tactics causes healthcare struggles

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The research has shown that delays and compromised medical care are resulting from common strategies. According to the results of a poll conducted by the largest advocacy group for emergency physicians in the United States, recent tactics being used by the health insurance industry are causing patients to have to give up on necessary medical care. The poll involved the participation of 1,433 physicians and was conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). The survey was conducted throughout September 2015 and this nationwide poll’s results revealed that 70…

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