Results of 2012 National Critical Illness Insurance Buyer published

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance, in association with General Re Life Corporation, has released a report based on the results of the 2012 National Critical Illness Insurance Buyer Study. The study showed that there is a growing number of people purchasing critical illness insurance in the demographic of those between the ages of 25 and 45. They are buying the coverage in order to ensure that they will have immediate cash payments available to them should they ever receive a diagnosis of a serious health condition. Approximately 49…

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American Association for Critical Illness Insurance seeks information regarding claims benefits for consumers

Insurance Agents

The American Association for Critical Illness Insurance has begun seeking feedback from insurance agents whose clients have received claims benefits in recent months. The trade association is looking to gather information on how these payments have been disbursed and whether consumers are satisfied with the service of their insurers. Critical illness insurance is a new type of coverage designed to provide care for those that suffer from afflictions such as cancer, heart disease and strokes.  As a new form of insurance, information regarding satisfactory practices is scarce, leading the association…

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Supplemental Health Insurance: One of the best kept insurance secrets around

Critical illness insurance isn’t one of the more widely known forms of coverage, but it is a form of supplemental health insurance policy that is inexpensive and that can make a significant financial difference to an individual who has received a diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. The reason that few have heard of critical illness insurance until now is that it is a relatively new form of coverage in the United States. The first policy of this form was issued in 1996. According to data from the American…

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