GEICO Offers New Discounts Amid Rising Auto Insurance Rates

Geico auto insurance new discount

In a bold move to capitalize on increasing auto insurance rates across states such as California, GEICO Corp., part of Warren Buffet’s empire, is offering an attractive discount initiative, the “Welcome Factor,” aimed at expanding its auto insurance business. GEICO’s Fresh Approach to Auto Insurance With the surge in insurance rates, many insurers are taking a step back from writing new policies. However, GEICO is actively inviting new clients by marketing a special discount for those who apply for personal auto insurance. The discount is designed to taper off gradually…

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A.M. Best to re-evaluate Florida insurance companies

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Rating revisions due to financial troubles with state’s Cat Fund Florida home insurers could soon be seeing revisions made to their ratings as A.M. Best, one of the largest rating firms in the world, announces that it will be reviewing the state’s insurance companies due to the financial troubles of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund. The Cat Fund, as it is called, is meant to provide insurance companies with $17 billion in reinsurance coverage each hurricane season. With two consecutive years of powerful natural disasters behind it, the Cat Fund…

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A.M. Best Co. releases updated outlook for American health insurance sector in 2012

A.M. Best Co. has issued a briefing that provides a revision on its initial outlook for the United States Health Insurance sector in 2012, raising it from being negative to being stable. Last year at this time, A.M. Best had confirmed its negative forecast for that sector, primarily over worries about the capability of that sector of the insurance industry to be able to put into place and maintain the various requirements for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), in addition to concerns over the chance that there…

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A.M. Best to sponsor Annual Self-Insurance Institute of America’s National Education Conference and Expo

A.M. Best Company, a credit rating and financial data and services company operating in the insurance industry, will be sponsoring the 31st Annual Self-Insurance Institute of America’s National Education Conference and Expo. The conference will be held between October 9 and 11 of this year in Phoenix, Arizona. The annual event attempts to broaden the knowledge of self-insurance within the insurance industry as a whole. This year, the event will be focused around the future of self-insurance and how the marketplace is being shaped by new trends. Self-insurance is a…

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