Usage based insurance put to the test by Allstate employees

usage based insurance auto

Drive Wise program will be tested out by agency owners and other workers. The Allstate usage based insurance program called Drive Wise is now being put to the test by agency owners and other employees of the company who are interested in trying it out. This crowdsourcing method will install the device into vehicles across the country. It will be making sure that the telematics device will be used by agency owners and employees in many different states, to have them try it out and provide opportunities to better its…

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DriveFactor announces usage-based car insurance program expansion for cheaper premiums


DriveFactor, formerly called Crimson Informatics, has just announced that it is now offering programs for usage-based car insurance that will allow drivers to use mobile technology and telematics in order to prove their safe driving habits so that they can lower their premiums based on actual performance. A growing number of auto insurers have been adding telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) to their programs. According to DriveFactor, this type of system could save a policyholder up to half off their premiums. The DriveFactor programs have been created to allow insurance…

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