Allstate auto insurance rates are jumping sharply in these 3 states

auto insurance - three state flags

New York, New Jersey, and California regulators have all given the green light to double-digit hikes. Allstate recently announced that it had received the go-ahead for double-digit auto insurance rate increases in New York, New Jersey and California. The approvals follow President and CEO Tom Wilson’s comments regarding dropping customers. Wilson had previously stated that if the auto insurance rate increases were not approved, the company would be dropping customers in those states. The approvals did come through, and they were for very large increases in all three states. New…

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Allstate New Jersey wins judgment from state Superior Court in franchise suit

Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company had received a judgment in its favor from the Superior Court in that state, dismissing all of the claims made against the insurer in a lawsuit that had been filed against it. In 2011, the suit was filed by three exclusive agents who sought to prevent the agreements with their agencies from being terminated for being unable to meet certain quotas. Their claim was that their relationship with Allstate New Jersey was of a franchise nature and that they therefore had the protection of the…

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Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company give homeowners advice for post-Irene home repair

Following the flood, winds, and related damage from Hurricane Irene, Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company has made their suggestions regarding the best ways to ensure that homeowners are protecting themselves against scams from unscrupulous contractors. The suggestions made by the insurer include the following: • Don’t rush when making the choice for the right contractor – take your time and do your homework. • Obtain estimates from a number of contractors who are licensed and bonded. • Verify the contractors claims regarding their credentials through the use of the Better…

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