Allstate AI technology helps spot and stop fraud

Allstate AI - Technology - Hand

The insurance company is using artificial intelligence to reduce its payments to fraudulent claims. New Allstate AI technology is being used to help slash the number of times fraudsters get away with making claims. Insurance fraud has become an $80 billion industry in the United States, forcing premiums skyward. Fraudulent claims in the U.S. are currently estimated to be worth more than $80 billion every year. Legitimate customers are required to cover the cost of the payments that scammers are receiving through higher premiums. Among the reasons that insurance fraud…

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Insurance fraud lawsuit filed by Allstate

California Insurance company Fraud scam

The insurer has filed a lawsuit worth $6.6 million against 47 durable medical supply companies and their owners. Allstate has just filed a new insurance fraud lawsuit in order to help to recover $6.6 million in treble damages against 80 defendants throughout the states of New York and Florida. The insurer is not new to this type of filing, as it is the fourth that it has made since the start of the year. The insurance fraud lawsuit filing was also the 48th that Allstate has made since 2003, in…

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