Allstate insurance agents push back against insurer call center plans

Allstate insurance agents - Call Center

The insurer’s sales force views this move as an expensive burden despite promised benefits. Allstate insurance agents have been expressing their discontent with the insurer’s decision to create customer call centers. The agents say it is an expensive burden but the insurer calls it an improvement in efficiency. Tom Wilson, Allstate CEO, explained that the insurance company is currently shifting service tasks from its agents into a centralized system. This is “because we can do it cheaper, better, faster.” This level of discontent among Allstate insurance agents is a rare…

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Allstate announces good insurance news by meeting important goals

Allstate Insurance news industry

The insurer has reached some of its long-term sustainability and social impact goals. Allstate has released some positive insurance news through its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, in which it underscored some of its central milestones that the insurer has achieved based on some of the key commitments that it has made. These milestones have been a part of the insurance company’s ongoing efforts to address some serious societal issues. Among the issues being addressed are safe driving among teens, domestic violence, and environmental sustainability. At the core of Allstate’s insurance…

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Allstate issues warning for agents regarding tax document errors

Allstate Corp. has issued a statement to its insurance agents, warning them of a discovery of a number of errors occurring on their year-end reports and tax documents, which show information about annual incomes and figures that are used in the calculation of their annual bonuses. This warning about errors comes only a month after the insurer made another type of miscalculation that cause the commissions in January to be underreported. These most recent mistakes have re-ignited a new upset from the sales force at the insurance company, where there…

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Allstate New Jersey wins judgment from state Superior Court in franchise suit

Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company had received a judgment in its favor from the Superior Court in that state, dismissing all of the claims made against the insurer in a lawsuit that had been filed against it. In 2011, the suit was filed by three exclusive agents who sought to prevent the agreements with their agencies from being terminated for being unable to meet certain quotas. Their claim was that their relationship with Allstate New Jersey was of a franchise nature and that they therefore had the protection of the…

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