Climate risk insurance gets $30 million from United States

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The goal of this investment into the coverage is to help to ensure the poor will be protected against changing weather patterns. President Barack Obama recently announced that the United States would be contributing $30 million toward coverage from climate risk insurance programs throughout the Pacific, Central America and Africa. The announcement was made by the president while he attended a meeting in Paris with small island nation leaders. The U.S. Department of State added to the president’s announcement by explaining that these funds are a component of a larger…

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Insurance industry seeing demand for climate-damage protection

Insurance Industry Climate change

Insurance industry continues to demand for protection against disasters relating to climate change Qatar is currently hosting the United Nations’ COP-18 conference regarding climate change and its impact around the world. Though climate change remains a volatile issue in politics and with many consumers, the insurance industry has long held the position that the matter is not up for debate. Most insurers avoid the topic of climate change but have been preparing for such a phenomenon nonetheless. This is largely due to the major risks associated with the phenomenon, such…

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