Health insurance rates set to rise in Alaska

health insurance deadline enrollment

Policies sold through Alaskan health insurance exchange will become more expensive next year Premiums for policies sold through the Alaskan health insurance exchange are expected to rise in 2015. The exchange has served as a place for Alaskan residents to find the insurance coverage they need at an affordable rate. Next year, however, the affordability of some insurance policies is likely to decrease as insurers raise rates on the coverage that they provide. Two of Alaska’s largest insurance provides have announced plans to raise premiums beginning next year. Insurers seek…

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Health insurance exchange in Alaska to be federally run

Alaska Health Insurance Governor Sean Parnell

The governor of the state has stuck with his July decision not to run the program. A spokesperson for the Governor Sean Parnell of Alaska, Sharon Leighow, has revealed that the state will not be running its own health insurance exchange and that it will be holding to the decision that was made by the governor back in July 2012. The announcement showed that no changes were made to the original prediction regarding the program. This means that, according to the Affordable Care Act, federal officials will now be taking…

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Alaska lawmakers pass autism health insurance bill for children

Health Autism Insurance

Health insurance news update for Alaska The Alaska Legislature has passed a new bill that aims to expand the health insurance coverage for children to include treatment for autism. The bill, SB 74, was passed in the House on Sunday with a vote of 36-6. The legislation is designed to provide children who suffer from autism insurance coverage for treatments regarding their specific case. These treatments can include a wide range of speech and physical therapies. Alaska is not the first state to begin adopting such a law – 34…

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