Health insurance company put under state supervision in Alaska

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Alaskan regulators place Moda Health Plan under supervision due to financial concerns The Alaska Division of Insurance has announced that Moda Health Plan, a health insurance company based in Oregon, will no longer be offering policies in the state. Regulators cite concerns regarding the insurer’s financial situation. Moda will not be accepting new customers or renewals for the time being and regulators will continue to evaluate the issue. In its home state of Oregon, Moda was placed under supervision by the state due to financial issues, which influenced the decision…

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Health insurance rates on the rise in Alaska

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Insurance companies file for rate increases on individual policies sold in the state Health insurance companies in Alaska have filed for significant increases in premiums for the coverage that they offer for individual, non-subsidized coverage. State law tasks the Alaskan Division of Insurance with regulating rate increases, and the agency has, thus far, granted approval for rate increases averaging 37%. Rate increases will affect policies that go active in January 2015 and these rate increases will affect policies sold through the state’s health insurance exchange. Division of Insurance comes under…

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Alaska stands up for its health insurance rate review process

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Alaskan spokeswoman notes that the state’s rate review process is adequate Alaska’s Division of Insurance has not applied for grants from the federal government to review health insurance premium increases. According to a spokeswoman for Governor Sean Parnell, Sharon Leighow, the state does not need federal grants because its rate review process is adequate. This is contrary to an assessment offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which suggests that insurance coverage could be made more affordable in Alaska if the state had a better rate review…

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