Alaska insurance study shows growing gap between wage increases and coverage costs

Alaska health insurance

NAIC now intends to discuss the issue and come up with ways to overcome this discrepancy. The results of an insurance industry study has shown that the gap between the cost of Alaska insurance and the rate at which wages are increasing is widening. As a result of this information, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) vice president, Joe Biden sat down with the association in a meeting that was intended to help to manage and ease this issue of rate reviews for premiums. Commissioners across the country were…

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Uninsured motorists are in for a surprise with new “no pay/no play” law

Kansas set to join the growing number of states adopting the “no pay/no play” insurance law in an effort to reduce the number of uninsured drivers. States across the nation are enforcing new laws in an attempt to get drivers to obtain and keep insurance. The latest statistics show around 13 percent of Kansas drivers are uninsured. While not good, it is still lower than several states, including neighboring Oklahoma, whose uninsured drivers rank over 20 percent. The property and casualty insurers’ support the no pay/no play laws and feel…

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