Cheap homeowners insurance is risky on Alabama coasts

coastal flood homeowners insurance

While these options may be out there for many property owners, many consumers are unaware of the possible shortfalls. When it comes to nearly any kind of product, including homeowners insurance policies, just because it is cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is providing a good value and it doesn’t mean that it is worth the money. This is a problem being increasingly discovered by property insurance customers in Alabama. Unfortunately, all too often, customers feel that the best opportunity in homeowners insurance is the one that will come…

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Those with bad credit pay more for homeowners insurance

homeowners mortgage insurance credit score

Study highlights the financial disparity between those with poor credit and those with good credit A new study from shows that credit score is having a major impact on the out-of-pockets costs of homeowners insurance in Alabama. Credit is one of the foundational tools that the insurance industry uses to assess risks in any given market. Credit is a gauge of financial risk, allowing the financial service industry to properly assess liability in any given scenario. Poor credit represents a significant risk, which is why those with a low…

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More health insurance options are coming to Alabama

health insurance industry

New policies are expected to be made available through state’s exchange later this year Alabama residents are set to have more options when it comes to purchasing insurance coverage through the state’s exchange later this year. The Alabama Department of Insurance has announced that United Healthcare has submitted plans to participate in the state’s exchange. These plans are currently being reviewed and are expected to be sold through the exchange during the next open enrollment period, which will begin on November 15 of this year. United Healthcare wants to participate…

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Homeowners insurance program created for Alabama coastal residents

Alabama homeowners insurance

New coverage now available for homes in these regions requiring wind and flood protection. Residents of the coastline in Alabama have been struggling for many years to be able to find high quality comprehensive homeowners insurance that also provides them with protection against wind and flooding. A new program has now been introduced, uniquely within this industry, in order to assist these residents. Homeowners insurance customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties, for example, have struggled to obtain this coverage at an affordable price due to the increased risk that is…

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Homeowners insurance rates could fall following new rating from fire department

mobile alabama mayor samuel jones homeowners insurance

Some residents of Mobile, Alabama may find that new safety scores could bring their premiums down. Local fire departments are playing a new role for homeowners insurance customers in Mobile, Alabama, in that the safety ratings that they have been issuing are making it possible for those policyholders to save money on their premiums. An increase in fire stations and firefighters, among other factors, are converting into coverage savings. Alabama homeowners insurance customers are experiencing a faster response time due to many factors, including a raise in the number of…

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