Insurance news suggests upcoming struggle for Malaysia Airlines

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Still reeling from the tragedy in March 2014, it is now facing new claims from the devastating crash in Ukraine. As Malaysia Airlines faces yet another heartbreaking catastrophe as one of its jetliners was shot down in Ukraine, insurance news headlines are now suggesting that this latest disaster could bring about compensation claims that could total hundreds of millions of dollars. It is also likely that the struggle faced by the carrier will extend beyond the cost of compensation. It looks as though the crash of flight MH17 will make…

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Travel insurance claims for airplane crashes decrease

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This is the result of a considerable decline in the number of accidents that have occurred. For the first time since 1991, travel insurance airline claims for aircraft accidents will have fallen below the $1 billion mark this year, as the number of fatalities from airplane accidents and the number of destroyed planes have dropped to record lows. The number of large accidents involving aircraft has plummeted throughout 2012. Ascend, an advisory firm, made the estimations regarding the number of destroyed aircraft and passenger fatalities and has recently released this…

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