Bill Cosby defamation lawsuit settled by insurance company, actor livid

Bill Cosby defamation lawsuit - Bill Cosby

The suit was settled on Friday in a federal court without the actor’s knowledge, allege lawyers. A Bill Cosby defamation lawsuit filed by seven women against the actor was settled in federal court on Friday. According to the actor’s lawyers, this case was settled without Cosby’s knowledge. The lawyers accused A.I.G. of having resolved the case on the entertainer’s behalf without his knowing of the decisions made. The settlement was made on Friday in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts by the women’s attorney. The court documents for the Bill Cosby…

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AIG files suit against Bank of America, looking to recover $10 billion in losses

American International Group (AIG), the U.S. largest insurer that has been steeped in controversy, has filed a lawsuit against Bank of American Corp. The insurer is looking to recover over $10 billion in losses from what it is calling “massive fraud.” The lawsuit is spurred by allegations of mortgage fraud stemming from the bank’s deals leading up to the 2008 economic recession. The suit claims that Bank of America misrepresented its mortgages as being of a higher quality than they actually were. According to the suit, filed with the New…

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