Health insurance helps HIV patients more than drug assistance

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A new study has shown that low-income patients in Virginia are benefiting from the healthcare reform. The findings of a new study have now revealed that low-income patients with HIV and who have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act in Virginia – one of the states that chose not to broaden its Medicaid program – are experiencing better prognoses and have a greater likelihood to obtain viral suppression than their counterparts who were continuing to use the AIDS Drug Assistance Program in the state to receive their medication. This…

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Pre existing condition health insurance reduces HIV drug wait list

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Plan cuts the waiting time significantly. Georgia’s wait list statistics in January was the longest in the country for individuals who needed government pre existing condition health insurance drug assistance for HIV. Back then, there were 1,348 people in the state who wanted to enroll in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Today, despite the fact that less than six months have passed, the wait list for ADAP has been reduced to about a third of its previous length, at 490 people (as of June 7, 2012). The program is designed…

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