Insurance news from AIG now includes Chinese joint venture

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American International Group has announced that it will be working with PICC. The latest insurance news from U.S. insurer American International Group, Inc., is that it will be entering into a joint venture with the life policy business unit of People’s Insurance Co. (Group) of China, Ltd. This may place AIG into a situation where it is competing directly with its former Pan-Asian business unit. This insurance news has been released as the insurer announced that it would be purchasing $500 million worth of PICC shares in that companies up…

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Insurance news from Prudential reveals new $590 million deal

Insurance news

This Asian acquisition may put added pressure on its competitor, AIA Group. Insurance news from the Asia Pacific region has shown that Prudential PLC has just entered into an acquisition agreement to buy the coverage unit from Thanachart Bank in Thailand, for a reported $590 million, in cash. This will double the insurer’s current market share within that Asian nation. This is expected to add greater competition to the insurance news in Southeastern Asia, which is a rapidly growing marketplace where AIA Group has been working to maintain leadership. This…

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