How Incentive Programs Can Motivate Insurance Agents

insurance agents incentive program

Anyone who has worked in sales knows that it’s never an easy job in any sector but selling insurance ranks right up there with the toughest of sales jobs in any industry. Suffice to say that insurance agents need a little more motivation because it’s not an easy job and each sale should be made out to feel like the victory that it is. So, how can a manager or a regional head bring out that motivation from his/her agents? There are some tried, tested, and established incentivizing techniques that…

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Using social media marketing for your insurance business

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents1

It’s hard to think of a person who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media sites that have become immensely popular around the globe. This makes it easy to understand why insurance agency owners and agents are continually being advised to take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is that it is easier to decide to use social media marketing than it is to know what to say. Users of social media networks will like, follow, or even share virtually any topic that they…

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Small Business Tips: Preparing for Successful Business Trips

Small Business

Being away from the office can be stressful when you’re running a small business. With frequent business trips to insurance industry events or meetings in the main office, it can become a struggle to stay on top of your agency while you’re away. But don’t stress with lots of preparation, you can be sure your trip will run smoothly, or at least that you’ve prepared for the worst and you’ll still accomplish all you set out to do. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Travel frugally and save your company’s money for more important…

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AgencyPoint launched in Maryland by Farmers Insurance

Insurance Jobs

AgencyPoint aims to recruit new Farmers independent business owners Farmers Insurance has launched a new agency recruitment and training center for potential Farmers independent business owners. The training center is called AgencyPoint and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. AgencyPoint was launched to address the insurer’s growing need for more personnel due to its recent expansion. Through this initiative, the insurer is looking to bolster its ranks of independent insurance agents in numerous sectors. AgencyPoint is open to all prospective Farmers independent business owners. New venture will provide business owners with…

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