Insurance industry in the Middle East and North Africa primed for growth

International Insurance Industry

The Zurich Insurance Group report has shown that the sector in these regions is ready to expand. According to a new report from Zurich, the insurance industry is ready for a considerable amount of growth in both the Middle East and North Africa, and this could lead to a significant level of economic growth in those regions. At the same time, it noted that while there is growth potential, there remain several challenges in the way. The insurance industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region currently has…

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Insurance news from Nigeria reveals intentions to triple the country’s marketplace

nigeria international insurance news

If they are successful, it would bring their market up to $6.4 billion in 4 years. The most populated country of Africa, Nigeria, has just declared its latest insurance news, which includes intentions to increase its marketplace by more than three times its current value, and that it will accomplish this goal by 2017. The hope is to be able to achieve this target by improving the industry’s reputation in the nation. This insurance news announcement was made by the country’s insurance commissioner, Daniel Fola. He explained that the people…

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